Dating A Scorpio

Astrology can help us understand more about ourselves and the people we love/date/hopelessly crush on—no matter their gender. For more deets on Scorpio compatibility, check out our guide to dating a Scorpio man and our gender-neutral guide to dating a Scorpio.

If you’re looking for the traditional girly girl, you won’t find her in a Scorpio. These baddies are a special type of woman. She will lure you in with her captivating eyes and emotional depth. It’s hard not to feel like you’re in a private world with her—there’s something mysterious about her love.

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A Scorpio woman has the ability to peel away your soul when no one is looking. Same goes for the latest milf cams that are now available for free!

For that reason, she is addictive. She’ll make you want to run away with her, and that’s exactly why this femme fatale has the reputation of being so much trouble. A woman so awesome has the ability to be dangerous. She’ll make you have wild thoughts, like giving up the life you’ve grown accustomed to or even more challenging, coming out to your parents.

Tread carefully—she’s a bombshell. And before you do anything out of the norm, it’s important that you make sure that you two are on the same page. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars, which gives a passionate flare to the way that she approaches life. But the issue with her Mars-ruled energy is that it’s expressed through the waters of her Scorpio energy. Mars tends to like things hot and fiery, but submerged in her waters, it’s unable to fully express itself. This makes her a silent storm. Be careful not to provoke her, because she will boil over.

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Hear me out here…Pisces and Virgo are the best matches for a Scorpio. Scorpio women spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out the world and the people in it. A Virgo has the ability to calmly and bluntly sum things up and help them talk about their feelings. And if a Scorpio seeks a romance that will inspire them and give them reasons to dream, a Pisces will offer exactly that. The two of them will get lost in each other’s minds and find themselves in a world of imagination.