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There are a lot of kinds of bongs out there! Extravagant Bongs, Glass Bongs, costly, Bongs, Cheap Bongs. Figure out which Bong is best for you!

In this Guide to Different Types of Bongs, we will go over the various kinds of Bongs that are famous today. There are a huge number of various bong types, styles, materials, and plans, from Small Glass Bongs and Large Beaker Glass Bongs to Acrylic and Metal Bongs.

What Defines a “Bong”?

As the vast majority of you might be aware, a bong is a water-sifted smoking gadget for smoking dry spices or focuses. Otherwise called a water pipe, the word bong is initially gotten from the Thai word “bang” which is a long chamber or cylinder, generally produced using bamboo, and furthermore utilized for smoking spices. You will find the perfect bong for the weed you got with weed delivery in Vista, CA.

Why is Smoke Using a Bong?

So why utilize a bong for smoking spices? While smoking spices, fire is utilized to combust the spices in the bowl, and the smoke is maneuvered into the lungs. With a typical dry line, the smoke is hot and contains practically every one of the carbons and plant pitches, which might actually disturb the smoker’s lungs or throat with rehashed use. The bong offers included water filtration with everything else. The downstream of the bong goes under the water and as the spice is consumed the water which cools the smoke as well as channels out a portion of the stickier gums and heavier carbons, which will stay in the water to be cleared out later. This cycle brings about a smoother, cooler smoking experience for the bong smoker.

Best Type of Bong Materials

Bongs can be produced using a wide range of materials, the most well-known of which are Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Silicone, and Acrylic. Glass bongs are by and large the most well-known, and for good explanation!

Metal Bongs

Metal bongs are ordinarily utilized for a speedier sneak a toke style piece, for example, the famous canteen bong, which seems to be a bottle until it is unloaded and a bowl embedded in the side. They normally highlight a matching metal bowl, which isn’t the most ideal choice for rehashed use. Likewise because of the permeable idea of the brushed metal, getting completely spotless after weighty use will be hard.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are the first workmanship bongs, before the glass scene took off, individuals would make earthenware shapes, similar to skulls, wizards, or insane craftsmanship shapes, out of ceramic dirt, which is then terminated and frosted. These deal a preferred smoking encounter over Metal bongs, however, won’t keep going up to a decent glass bong. Fired bongs for the most part highlight a metal bowl too, which isn’t awesome for flavor or wellbeing.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are made from polysiloxane elastic, which is temperature safe and challenging to break, however by and large made in china, and can contain risky materials for continued smoking. With time and continued cleaning, the material can likewise turn out to be more permeable, and begin to trap pitches, carbon, and possibly form, making it undeniably challenging to get completely spotless.

Glass Bongs

This carries us to the best kind of bong, the glass bong. Glass bongs are by and large produced using one of two kinds of glass, Borosilicate Glass or Hard Glass, and Soft Glass or Soda Lime Glass.